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In Conversation with Dr. Ellen Wiebe – Physicians Advisory Council, Dying With Dignity Canada

by | January 31, 2018

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Dr. Ellen Wiebe is a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Family Practice with over 30 years of full-service family practice. She developed Hemlock Aid, is on the Physicians Advisory Council for Dying With Dignity Canada, and the Medical Director of the Willow Women’s Clinic.… Read more »

“I didn’t even know we had an Intelligence Agency”

by | January 30, 2018

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Yasmine Mohammed is an activist, author, and ex-Muslim living in British Columbia, Canada. Her story is an intriguing one, to say the least. She recounts the personal story in the book entitled From Al-Qaeda to Atheism. Here we talk about some of it.  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You married an Al-Qaeda member and were contacted… Read more »

An Interview with Kato Mukasa — Board Member, IHEU

by | January 30, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Kato Mukasa is a Board Member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. Here we talk about his personal narrative and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family background in humanism? Mukasa: Yes, but the background was never very directly linked to humanism as I know it to day but it as more… Read more »

2018 Canadian Atheist Awards – Story of the year

by | January 30, 2018

The next award in the 2018 Canadian Atheist Awards is “Story of the year”. This award is for the news or cultural story that captured the most interest or had the most impact among Canadian atheists in 2017.

An Interview with James-Adeyinka Shorungbe — Director, Humanist Assembly of Lagos

by | January 29, 2018

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen *This interview has been edited for clarity, concision, and readability.* Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So you are the director of the Humanist Assembly of Lagos. What are some tasks and responsibilities that come along with that position? James-Adeyinka Shorungbe: Essentially, organizing the affairs of the organisation, charting annual programs to promote critical thinking in… Read more »