Indi’s alternative holiday playlist – 2017 – Summary

by | December 10, 2017

2017’s alternative playlist is the longest ever, weighing in at 100 songs.

Indi’s alternative holiday playlist 2017:


🍁 = Canadian
= New this year

There were 16 new songs this year, including tunes from Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, and Sesame Street (yes, the actual Sesame Street; the kids’ show with the Muppets). Because of last year’s experiment – which was making the list entirely made up of new songs or Canadian songs – many of the songs weren’t on the list last year, but weren’t new songs.

Having 100 songs was only practical because of the new format, where I broke the list up into parts – including the video and audio for each song directly in each part – and released it over the course of a week. That seemed to work out well, so I’ll probably be doing the same thing next year.

So here’s the list of songs in 2017’s playlist:

Another part of the new format this year is the addition of downloadable playlist files. Depending on your setup, you might just be able to click one of the following links and this year’s playlist will start playing in your favourite media player. If that doesn’t work, try right-clicking on the links and choosing “save as” to download the list, then double-clicking the downloaded file or opening it in your media player. Both files are the same list, just in different formats, so try one, and if that doesn’t work, try the other.

Download playlist file:

NOTE: Those playlist files do not include the songs themselves. The playlist files are just lists of links to the songs on the Internet (for example, YouTube). That’s why the playlist files are so small – just a dozen or two kilobytes when a single song runs into the megabytes. But it means that the playlist files won’t work unless you are connected to the Internet. It also means that if the site the song is on is down, or if the song has been removed or the site simply won’t let it play, the song won’t play.

If you have any problems getting the playlist files to work, just leave a comment, and I’ll try to help you out.

Well, that’s it for Indi’s alternative holiday playlist until next year. But, as always, if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see featured on a future list, leave a note in the comments.

See you next year!

2 thoughts on “Indi’s alternative holiday playlist – 2017 – Summary

  1. Shawn the Humanst

    So does this have pretty much all the music from the 2016 list? Will you expand the list next year, or just have a runner up list for anything that didn’t make it in the top 100?

    1. Indi Post author

      The rules vary from year to year based on practicality and my own personal whims. ^_^;

      Last year, for example, I decided – on a whim – to make the list 100% either new songs (songs that hadn’t been on the list before) or Canadian songs. So last year, 4⁄5 of the songs were new (and all the rest were Canadian).

      This year, I decided to make the list bigger – from 50 songs to 100 – so this year less than 1⁄6 were new songs.

      What’s going to happen next year? Depends how I feel at the time! ^_^; I might just do another 100 songs featuring mostly the same, with a few new ones and maybe a few that were on previous lists but not this one, dropping a few from this list. Or I might do something else. It will depend on my mood and what songs are available to me at the time.

      I doubt I’ll make the list longer than 100 songs. I have just under 140 songs total from current and past lists, and just over 50 new candidates to consider next year – practically, I doubt more than 20 will be actually useful – so in all likelihood, next year’s list will be ~80 songs from this year’s list with the rest either from past lists or new songs.


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