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by | July 1, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[A bar chart showing 2008-2016 domestic terrorism incidents by type in the US. Right wing: around 115 incidents, around 75 carried out (the rest foiled); Islamist: around 62 incidents, around 15 carried out; Left wing: around 19 incidents, around 15 carried out.]

This is American data, but it paints a wildly different picture than what most people think about terrorism.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Update: to

  1. Randy

    “Regressive left” is practically a mantra in some circles, pushing the idea that there’s a sizable group on the left that is stifling free speech with their trigger warnings, their safe spaces, their deplatforming, and so on”

    If you don’t like that term, you could use “authoritarian left”, “establishment left”, or my favorite “assholes who hijacked my movement to enrich themselves”.

    They’re currently running Canada, most universities in North America, and most media including notably Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

  2. Randy

    “a silly equivocation”

    Nope. When a particular category of claim is known to be frequently hoaxed for a wide variety of reasons including political and revenge, and when the key evidence almost entirely amounts to words, and when supposedly serious people are actually recommending people be able to retroactively reconstrue something then legal as a crime by a mere change of words, you had better be skeptical.

    There is a cloud of lying around sex generally, and in particular around sexual “harassment”, assault, abuse, and “violence” (a perfectly good word rendered meaningless by postmodernists).

    We must not be distracted by the fact that some people are assaulted, and do need access to competent care afterward. Compassionate response needs to happen, but that’s never in dispute. It is nevertheless also true that the overwhelming majority of people will never be sexually harassed or assaulted in their lifetimes, even if the spend their lives in the riskiest places we have for sex assault. And it is always true that when claims of criminal wrongdoing are alleged, the accused have rights, and are presumed innocent.

  3. Randy

    “Islamist terrorism is somehow uniquely problematic”

    It’s as if you don’t have access to Wikipedia’s list of terror attacks over the years. By failing to use the facts, you’re only making yourself stupider.

  4. Randy

    “We do have a serious image problem”

    If I knew how to fix Mr. Street, perhaps I could help you as well. But the disease appears to be chronic and without treatment beyond hopeful waiting.

  5. Randy

    “there’s a lot of implicit bigotry hidden in Canadian media”

    This is a one-sided view. If you observe conversation in aboriginal or Muslim circles, you’ll discover this is something they engage in as well, except not only are they not ashamed of it like we are, but they promote it.

    If we’re going to have a “Conversation” (how come these always seem like they should be named “Inquisition”?) then we need to be honest about all sides.


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