One thought on “Jesus and Mo Wednesday

  1. Tim Underwood

    After viewing a highly aroused Christian preacher trying to impress Aron Ra, with the Preacher’s masterful command of science, at the recent Reason Rally; it reminds me of the importance of concentrating the ideas within the numerous religious indoctrinations.

    The various religious story’s main profundity is their boldness for asserting self-contradictions: love those you hate, believe without evidence and being a fool to be wise.

    We have become too respectful of cultic indoctrinations. This has to end: for the mental health of the individuals effected and the safety of the community affected. Exposing mind-control, by fable-acceptance, is important work. The fables we are dealing with are all based on false histories. Should we continue to ignore the teaching of false, and in many cases, impossible, histories?

    Insane concepts, such as salvation by foreskin mutilation, have to be more publically exposed.

    If some street preacher discovers the Periotic Table of the Elements, let him discuss this with his grade nine science teacher. We should be more occupied in investigating his fairytale delusions.


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