And Shub-Niggurath For PM

by | March 1, 2016

I’m not, generally speaking, the kind of Canadian who gets too caught up in the three-ring circus of U.S. presidential elections. The marathon campaigns that go on south of the border may be one of the great political shows on this godless green Earth, but they almost always have less impact – especially outside the United States itself – than the sound and fury surrounding them might lead one to expect. In the normal course of things, the truly radical candidates get weeded out early in the process, and the winner ends up too constrained by the cold realities of international relations and American domestic politics to implement much of a distinctive agenda anyway.

But this year, this campaign cycle… Well, it’s just different. Finally, a candidate has arisen – and I use that word advisedly – who has the potential to shake up the stale norms of business as usual, throw off the iron yoke of political correctness, and shatter the unthinking complacency that allows a foolish, morally bankrupt elite to lord it over countless millions. Many Canadians, I’m sure, would find him a difficult neighbour to live with. I can just hear Peter Mansbridge announcing his election as Leader of the Free World with a gasp of distaste, and going on describe him as regressive, atavistic, even nihilistic. But to me and countless others, he represents a ray of light and a breath of fresh air – some change, if you like, that we can truly believe in.

“Cthulhu for America is the latest grassroots-driven presidential campaign for the Great Old One to control the most powerful nation on Earth,” says Waite. “While America has consistently chosen the lesser evils for decades, the cults that serve Lord Cthulhu are undeterred in their door-to-door efforts collecting hearts and minds … Participating in the American political system is one of many initiatives to create the conditions required for his rising from the depths of R’lyeh to unleash his reign of madness.”

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2 thoughts on “And Shub-Niggurath For PM

  1. Tim Underwood

    You’re absolutely spot on. Soon to become a grand opera. This will be more entertaining than Mad Max.

  2. billybob

    If Cthulhu won what would change?

    “even nihilistic” what is it with atheists dissing nihilists? Do nihilists diss atheists, NO!


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