“Come Home (Cardinal Pell)” – Tim Minchin

by | February 16, 2016

Tim Minchen risks angering the Roman Catholic Church and prominent Australian cardinal George Pell with his latest charity single “Come Home (Cardinal Pell).”

Minchin has pledged that the proceeds from the controversial song’s sale will go to the gofundme page set up to help clerical abuse victims fly to Rome to front Cardinal Pell in person.

For some reason, broadcaster Steve Price, a guest host for Network Ten’s The Project, calls the song “disgusting” because after all,

“this guy is the most senior Australian Catholic in the world. He is a Cardinal, regardless of what you make of it.

“To use your talent to just simply abuse someone from a distance, I think it is pathetic.”

WTF, the fact that Pell is a Catholic Cardinal is the best reason to abuse Pell, his fellow Cardinals and his Church. Minchin calls Pell a  “pompous buffoon.Good for Minchin, the RCC is fill of pompous buffoons who cover up and excuse the sins of the Fathers.

So sing along with Tim Minchin; lyrics are available at Genius.com.

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