Kristina Keneally Should Stop Crying

by | February 17, 2016

Kristina Keneally’s article, “When I First Heard Tim Minchin’s Song about Cardinal Pell, I Laughed. Then I Started Crying,” is pathetic, but Keneally deserves criticism not sympathy. Keneally describes herself as a

Catholic and a public critic of Cardinal Pell and the Catholic church on its handling of cases of child sexual abuse. I’ve expressed frustration at the church’s unwillingness to reform in response to this abject, catastrophic failure of its mission.

Keneally needs a wake-up call. Being a critic of the Catholic Church is not similar to being a critic of a democratically elected government. The Roman Catholic Church is not a political party that depends on the people for reelection. What the Church depends on is members to give it legitimacy and support, and Keneally admits to being a Catholic. She doesn’t get to vote and is expected to do what the Church tells her to do. How can Keneally be taken seriously when she admits to working both sides of the fence: criticizing the Catholic Church while quoting Jesus. Is Keneally so stupid naive that she thinks she can reform the Catholic Church from within?

Keneally needs to stop believing in and quoting Jesus. Doesn’t she realize that the Church interprets the King James version of the verse, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” to mean “make little children suffer.”

Keneally ends her article by saying

If you are Catholic, I recommend not listening [to Minchin’s song] while you are driving.

Better advice is if you are Catholic, stop being Catholic.The RCC isn’t affected by criticism from the faithful; the RCC is affected by the reduction in attendance at its ceremonies and the reduction in contributions to Peter’s Pence.

2 thoughts on “Kristina Keneally Should Stop Crying

  1. fredt

    Many Catholics know little of the teachings of the church and are just happily living there lives. If you wish to get people to leave the churches, we will need to offer them an alternative system with all the benefits, and there are many, and none of the drawbacks.

    Churches provide an extended network of accepting communities, and a social cause to draw people together occasionally. They provide great meeting places in some communities. Good luck with that.

    If we non-believers wish to take over, we will need to provide similar services to the churches and mosques.

  2. AtheistsMeow

    I did fine with socializing on my bowling league every week! As well as weekly volunteering at the library & the hospital’s extended care facility.

    I would have also volunteered at the SPCA but the bus doesn’t go out that way, & I don’t drive.

    There are many ways of socializing that don’t involve places of worship.


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