Requesting suggestions for the 2021 Canadian Atheist Awards

by | January 18, 2021

It’s that time of year again! Well, okay, it’s a couple weeks past that time of year, but yanno, pandemic and all. Anywho, it’s time for the 4th annual Canadian Atheist awards!

Now, if you haven’t heard of the Canadian Atheist awards, shame on you! They’re only the most prestigious awards… given out by Canadian Atheist.

[Canadian Atheist award statuette]
Canadian Atheist award statuette

Okay, they’re really just for fun. There’s no actual award; there are no prizes, and the “statuette” is just a 3D render. I, Indi, choose the categories, nominees, and winners, based wholly on my own preferences. (Although, I am open to being bribed! I’m cheap, too!)

It’s all just for fun, but also to give recognition to some people who really deserve to be recognized for their contributions to Canadian atheism.

Looking for suggestions

I would love to hear ideas from our readers for things like:

Award categories

In years past, the CA awards have had 3 categories: usually Art, entertainment, or culture story of the year; Story of the year, and; Pesron of the year. Last year, I replaced the culture story of the year with Podcast or show of the year. This year, given that 2020 wasn’t really a year where a lot happened in Canadian atheism—the pandemic really usurped everything—I think I’m going to have a smaller slate of awards: just story and person of the year. (But if I get a great suggestion for a third or fourth award, I might accept them! And if not this year, maybe next.)

Note that I’m not interested in negative categories. There will be no “asshole of the year” awards, or anything like that. These are our awards, so let them be about the best of us. Let them be about positivity.


I’d also like to hear suggestions for nominees in any category, real or imagined.


And, of course, I’d love to hear who/what you think should win in any category.

You can drop your suggestions in the comments below, or via our social media, or you can send an email.

Remember, this is all just for fun, so let’s have some fun with it!

2 thoughts on “Requesting suggestions for the 2021 Canadian Atheist Awards

  1. rj

    For the atheist story of year category I’d like to nominate the one about Kim Richter. The 7 term councilor of Langley BC the buckle of the bible belt of all places. Who brought a motion that churches who refuse to pay fines and follow covid orders should lose their property tax exemption.
    For the atheist person of the year or the arts and entertainment category I’d like to nominate Art Bergmann who is a recent Order of Canada recipient with his new album Christofascists.
    Not the strongest candidates I know. But I thought I’d get the ball rolling.

    1. Indi Post author

      No, no, those are excellent suggestions!

      I was thinking of giving the arts category a miss this year, but I’m still considering it. If I don’t do it this year, then I’ll carry over potential nominees, so Bergmann would still definitely work as a nominee then.

      (It’s funny you brought him up, actually! When I made the first awards a few years back, it was a couple years after The Apostate; I remember looking for nominees for the first arts award, seeing Bergmann come up, and thinking, “aw, damn, it’s too old!”)


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