Ryan Burge – CCES-2018 – Racial resentment by political ideology

[Chart of racial resentment by religious tradition and political ideology. The chart shows a racial resentment score by political ideology – “very liberal”, “liberal”, “moderate”, “conservative”, “very conservative”. Each ideology is further broken up into “agnostics”, “atheists”, “Catholics”, “evangelicals”, and, “nothing in particular”. The racial resentment score of all religious groups increases with political ideology, from liberal to conservative. However, the more conservative, the less difference there is between the religious groups, until at “very conservative”, their error bars almost completely overlap. On the other end, there are marked differences between the religious groups. At “very liberal”, the racial resentment scores of evangelicals and Catholics are virtually identical, and around seven or eight times the score of atheists, “nothing in particular” is around five times, and even agnostics score around twice as high as atheists.]

Also keep in mind that there are far more left-leaning atheists than conservative atheists… like almost two orders of magnitude more. This is why atheists are still considered to be far less racist in general; there just aren’t that many conservative atheists dragging our numbers down.

Source: https://twitter.com/ryanburge/status/1288239496262189071

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