Short Chat with Lee Moore – Former Executive Director for The Atheist Conference

by | January 16, 2018


By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did A-News come into existence?

Lee Moore: Almost ten years ago myself and a few good friends were annoyed that the vast majority of the talking heads of atheism were only reaching out to the wealthy and well to do…  We wanted to put out an atheist voice that understood that many work horrible jobs for terrible pay… and in many cases have to rely on a church to stay afloat.  We wanted to also appeal to the new generations by injecting bad humor and pop culture references.  

Jacobsen: What are the more favored topics – as measured, say, by likes and shares on Facebook – of the A-News community and readership?

Moore: Our most popular show had to do with a girl who masturbated with a crucifix on camera at her Catholic school.  

Jacobsen: What is the service to the atheist community from A-News – its niche provision for the community?

Moore: We provide free entertainment and information. 

Jacobsen: What has been your own favorite post or few in a-News?

Moore: Can’t say I have a favorite.

Jacobsen: Of the news posted by A-News, there will be news about trends in religion and non-religion. Based on the research already done, what seems like the longer term trends for religion and irreligion?

Moore: People will continue to lose interest in identifying as atheists, and the religious will continue to lose interests in their old beliefs.

Jacobsen: Other than the connection on Facebook. How can people help out? What are other news sources of potential interest to the atheist community?

Moore: News sources of interest to the atheist community… avoid the blogs… especially the popular ones.  

Jacobsen: Any final thoughts or feelings in conclusion?

Moore: You may not be aware of this, but I just presided over TAC, the now-canceled NYC-based Atheist Convention. The community is dying out; we have bigger fish to fry now.  

Image Credit: Lee Moore.

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