5 thoughts on “Turning to religion

  1. Tim Underwood

    It is so seldom that we hear intelligent support for the ‘melting pot’.

    As a former technical school instructor, I have observed a few, but not nearly enough, young indigenous students making their way into the current technological world. I know they are just as legitimately apart of this age as anyone else on the planet is. The people (governments), in too many cases, see these original North Americans, as the wards of a some “combine” made up of religious and tribal hierarchies.

    The Humanist portion of our society has found insufficient ways to integrate our indigenous population throughout the past hundred years. Granted, the Humanist portion of our society has grown to an influential size only recently. Hopefully, eventually, The First Nations will see Canada as a place welcoming their inclusion without any religious tribalism.

    The same hope exists for the current refugees.

  2. Gpops

    I dream of the day when there will be only one race on our planet. The human race. Let us abolish the use of such terms as aboriginal, caucasian, african americans, hispanics, orientals and the list goes on. What purpace do these terms have other than discriminate?

    1. Indi

      > I dream of the day when there will be only one race on our planet.

      So does every totalitarian dictator.

      > What purpace do these terms have other than discriminate?

      To acknowledge and celebrate our differences.

      Simply ignoring the existence of differences is just a way of enforcing uniformity by the tyranny of the majority. Differences don’t just magically go away by pretending they don’t matter.

      If you can’t handle the existence of differences, the problem isn’t the differences; it’s you.

    2. Tim Underwood

      I agree. They are only politically useful divisions.

      The most distinguishing thing about current young families is the commonality of their intermarriages. This is the process that will reduce ‘racism’ to irrelevancy. Diversity, based on nothing more than folklore, is an intellectual sin.

      As for diversity, there will always be taller and shorter specimens, not to mention, excellent and horrible singers.

      Common sense and humanism will naturally lead towards a greater uniformity.

      One of the repressive schemes of the communist totalitarian regimes was the re-education camps. That idiot, Trump has chosen for his running mate, would benefit immeasurable from such an experience. He could be forced to learn such controversial subjects as archeology or biology. Being refused food would absolutely be required for such a dumb ass lawyer to learn anything he had resolutely chosen to not learn on his own.


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