Ontario’s Sex-ed Curriculum: Objections Overruled

by | September 3, 2015

In her National Post article, “Can we please put this garbage debate about sex-ed to bed?” Robyn Urback addresses the objections of “the parents who have wasted everyone’s time by pulling their children out of school in protest of the [Ontario government’s new sexual education] curriculum”:

Objection 1: The curriculum introduces students to inappropriate concepts such as anal sex, oral sex, etc.

Wrong. Categorically wrong. False. . . .

Objection 2: The curriculum encourages students to engage in masturbation, premarital sex.

There is a difference between teaching students about something, and instructing them to engage in it. . . .

Objection 3: The curriculum normalizes sexual activity

We live in a liberal Western democracy. Sex is already normal. . . .

Objection 4: Schools should stick with the basics, like reading and math

The public school system is supposed to equip students with the tools needed to live as productive, successful adults. . . .

Objection 5: All this talk about trangenderism and gender fluidity will be confusing for children

This notion only holds water if you believe that being trans is a product of social influence and upbringing, not something present since birth. . .

Objection 6: Discussion of sex should be left to the parents

Every parent thinks that he or she knows what’s going on with his or her kids. Those other parents might be out of the loop, but me and my child are the exception. . . .

Objection 7: Parents are being silenced

There’s nothing stopping parents from sitting down with their kids after class and saying, “So, I hear you had a lesson on sex today. Let’s talk about why it’s important to our family/faith/community that you wait until marriage.” . . .

Objection 8: The province is ignoring parents’ concerns

OK, maybe this is true, but there’s a good reason for that: See #1-7. . . .

The Ontario government has released a video promoting/explaining the 2015 sex education curriculum to students and stupid ignorant parents.


Accurate information on Ontario’s updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum, which includes sexual education, is available on the Government of Ontario’s website.

4 thoughts on “Ontario’s Sex-ed Curriculum: Objections Overruled

  1. Diana MacPherson

    It’s disheartening that these people have basically spread lies that have riled up whoever has heard them. It’s also disheartening that these riled up people didn’t actually check the curriculum to see if what they heard was true.

  2. Kevin Rzewinski

    I tried defending the curriculum as a recent college graduate who took a college level ‘Human Sexuality’ course, and just as you would expect ignorant conservotards attacked me and called me a socialist.

    I hate this lying and propaganda as a 20 year old, I now realize that adults can be pretty stupid too.

  3. Margaret Hansen

    Why don’t we just let the upset parents remove their children for home schooling, and carry on with the others? Seems good to me.


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