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by | September 10, 2015

Ian Bushfield has posted an article on the BC Humanist Association website: “Debunking the National Post on Assisted Dying“:

Ignoring the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision and the overwhelming majority opinion in Canada, today’s National Post View uses long debunked arguments to once again claim that legalizing assisted dying will result in a “slippery slope” to utter moral bankruptcy (or something like that, they don’t actually say). Here I debunk those claims, one by one.

Bushfield effectively debunks the “National Post View” with a healthy dose of reality. For example, the NP article claims

A great deal of research and reporting on those jurisdictions that permit euthanasia and/or assisted suicide suggest that the words “slippery slope” are more than mere alarmism, as proponents of euthanasia tend to insist.

Bushfield answers this claim

Reality: This is utter nonsense. The National Post only cites one study (dealt with later) to support its argument. One of the largest reviews of assisted dying laws concludes: “Where assisted dying is already legal, there is no current evidence for the claim that legalised [physician assisted dying] or euthanasia will have disproportionate impact on patients in vulnerable groups.”

Bushfield goes on to address nine other “utter nonsense” claims that are substituted for truth in “National Post View: The Slippery Slope of Assisted Dying.” and then he reminds us to “Get the Facts from Dying With Dignity.”

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