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Not Really “Zunera’s War”

by | March 21, 2016

A colleague calls Lauren McKeon’s Toronto Life article on Zunera Ishaq “horrible”; horrible is the perfect word to describe “Zunera’s War.” Everyone has a story, but most people don’t get a version of their story written and published to attract a sympathetic audience. There is no question that McKeon’s purple prose is designed to mask… Read more »

A Bilingual Condemnation of the Niqab

by | November 17, 2015

On November 9th 2015, Alban Ketelbuters’ article, “Zunera Ishaq, le Canada et le niqab” was published in the Huffingon Post Québec. It is possible that John McCallum, Minister of Immigration and Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice didn’t read Ketelbuters’ article or they chose to ignore it. On November 16, this statement from the Minister of… Read more »

“Canadian Masquerade”

by | October 23, 2015

Marco DeRossi, member of the Board of Directors for Atheist Freethinkers/Libres penseurs athées, exercised his right to vote in the 2015 federal election wearing the costume featured in the photo below: DeRossi shares his experience in an article entitled “Canadian Masquerade“: Just to set things up for you, Zunera Ishaq is the fundamentalist Muslim woman who,… Read more »

Rosie DiManno’s Best Paragraph Ever

by | September 19, 2015

In her Toronto Star article entitled “Why give a toehold to oppression?” Rosie DiManno has written the best paragraph ever: Fundamentally, I object to Ishaq’s conviction because this isn’t, in truth, about her desire alone, or that of any other woman who embraces the niqab. It’s about me, too, and every other female in this… Read more »

“Charlie, Copenhagen, the Niqab & that Odious Francis”

by | February 21, 2015

“Blog 051: Charlie, Copenhagen, the Niqab & that Odious Francis” by David Rand and posted on the Atheist Freethinkers website, is recommended reading. Rand is saddened and outraged by the killing of two people in Copenhagen on the 14th and 15th of February 2015: all available evidence indicates that we are dealing with yet another… Read more »