Rex Murphy’s Cogent Commentary on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Rex Murphy has annoyed and disappointed me in the past with his anti-atheist remarks, but recently, he made some very cogent comments about the anti-vaccine movement. I appreciate his calling out of the survival of those, who refuse to vaccinate, as contingent upon the rest of us who do and … Continue reading

Religion: A Public Health Hazard

On December 12, a Canadian Atheist post criticized Toronto Catholic District School Board chair Mike Del Grande for his position on HPV vaccines and on the Ontario government’s upcoming Sex Ed program. Although I sent Del Grande an email with the link to the article, Del Grande did not respond. However, … Continue reading

Mike Del Grande: Keeping the Faith appears to be applauding Toronto Catholic District School Board’s new chair, Mike Del Grande’s refusal to “take marching orders from the state” when it comes to crucial moral issues like the awaited explicit sex ed program from the Wynne government. In fact, Del Grande should invoke his constitutional right … Continue reading

Doonesbury Cartoon Wittily Addresses Creationism

An amusing Doonesbury cartoon perfectly captures my way of addressing those who do not accept evolution. I often ask them if they get the flu shot (assuming they aren’t also anti-vaxers). This Scientific American article is also helpful. h/t Jerry Coyne’s Post @ Why Evolution Is True

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