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Recommended Reading

by | January 5, 2015

Schuklenk’s January 5th update: Dalhousie University announced today that the dental students in question have been suspended from participation in clinics. I don’t know what their timetable would have looked like at this stage in their curriculum, and whether this means that they’d still be able to sit in classes. Dalhousie’s media release, “Dalhousie Suspends 13… Read more »

The Appropriation of Natural

by | March 1, 2014

Natural is an increasingly common buzzword used to market products, especially products consumers don’t need but are encouraged to want. This week two writers commented on the “pseudoscience” and “absurdity” that surrounds the word natural. A  revised version of Jerry Coyne’s post, “Is Whole Foods a Bastion of Pseudoscience?” was published in The New Republic… Read more »

“Quebec’s Liberals Sabotage Assisted Dying Legislation”

by | February 22, 2014

Udo Schuklenk begins his February 21 article in the Kingston Whig-Standard by saying, What a week this has been. Schuklenk is referring to the subject of his article: Quebec’s Liberals have sabotaged assisted dying legislation (Bill 52): With cross-party support in Quebec’s National Assembly, the legislature was scheduled to pass Canada’s first legislation aimed at… Read more »

Ontario’s Privileged Catholics

by | January 29, 2014

The media are partially responsible for the excessive respect religion receives in Ontario.  Most articles, whether they are for or against accommodating religion, use pictures with their articles that imply that religion and religious symbols (especially Christian) are familiar and acceptable in Ontario. For example, Anthony Furey’s very welcome article, “No need to ‘respect’ religions,”… Read more »