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A Case for Religious Intolerance

by | December 27, 2015

The source for the photo above is a Toronto Star editorial that maintains that “Ontario Should Set Up Long-Promised Anti-Racism Secretariat.” While the picture above may be evidence for my own belief that young people and many adults cannot have a face-to-face conversation without the help of a cell phone, it is not evidence that… Read more »

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Rosie DiManno’s Best Paragraph Ever

by | September 19, 2015

In her Toronto Star article entitled “Why give a toehold to oppression?” Rosie DiManno has written the best paragraph ever: Fundamentally, I object to Ishaq’s conviction because this isn’t, in truth, about her desire alone, or that of any other woman who embraces the niqab. It’s about me, too, and every other female in this… Read more »

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