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Saint Patrick’s Day

by | March 17, 2015

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with an animated band of shamrocks fiddling and dancing. Time magazine tells us what many of us already know: The holiday, also known as the Feast of St. Patrick, commemorates a man considered a patron saint of Ireland and bringer of Christianity to the nation. However, did you… Read more »

A Bit Of St. Patrick’s Day Skepticism

by | March 17, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day has some religious significance, according to the Catholic Church, but for the vast majority of celebrants it seems to be much more about wearing some green, raising a pint or two of stout to the Emerald Isle, and perhaps listening to a bit of nice traditional(ish) music. I’m between the stout and… Read more »

“It’s Time to Scrap Southie’s St. Patrick’s Parade”

by | March 5, 2014

According to Margery Eagan, columnist for the Boston Herald, “It’s time to get rid of ” the  South Boston St. Patrick’s Parade: This supposed celebration of Irish pride and culture has instead become a paean to bigotry. It’s an embarrassment to Boston. It should embarrass Irish-Americans. . . . Where do parade organizers even get… Read more »