CFI-Portland Branch Manager on Attractions, Activities, and Outreach for the Skeptically Inquiring

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Nicole Orr is the branch manager for CFI–Portland. Working with youth has always been very important to her. In her teens, Nicole was an assistant team leader for a Search and Rescue Unit. There, she taught young people wilderness survival skills, as well as crime scene protocols. … Continue reading

An Interview with Ariel Pontes — Chair, Americas Working Group, IHEYO

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Tell us about your family background — to give some groundwork. My mom is a singer/actress, my father is a music graduate who became a tax officer when I was born. Everyone in my family is nominally Catholic and I was also baptized, but my family never … Continue reading

Bruce Gleason on LogiCal-LA

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Bruce Gleason is the Director of LogiCal-LA. Here we talk about the event, highlight presentations, and more. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So, the event LogiCal-LA is coming up. How long has the event been ongoing? Bruce Gleason: Well, this is a very young conference. We had our … Continue reading

Extended Interview with Pat O’Brien: Ex-President of Humanist Canada and the British Columbia Humanist Association

In terms of geography, culture, and language, where does your family background reside? Vancouver B.C. Your biographic information from the Center for Inquiry Canada (CFIC/CFI Canada) website describes brief personal information about the pivotal moment for your transformation into a skeptic mentality, as follows: At the age of 8 when … Continue reading

Canadians not as credulous as Angus Reid thinks

Angus Reid Institute has published the results of a survey about Canadians’ beliefs in various conspiracy theories: “Extra-Terrestrials and other Stranger Things: Four-in-Five Canadians believe”. Now, don’t be misled by the report’s title… or the report’s content. The ARI write-up is mind-bogglingly stupid, compared to the actual results. The actual … Continue reading

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