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Weekly Update: to

by | May 11, 2019

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 4-May-2019 to 10-May-2019. [30-Apr-2019] “Debate Us You Cowards!” by Barry Deutsch (Leftycartoons) We’ve all seen these assholes. There’s this one guy on Facebook right now absolutely furious and raging because I told him that if he wants his white genocide, Muslim menace, or transgender theories debated, he should… Read more »

Fighting faith based addiction recovery in BC

by | August 2, 2018

Alcoholics Anonymous and 12 Step Programs are religious. It shouldn’t be controversial to say as multiple US court rulings have concluded as much but following my new article in The Tyee calling for more secular recovery options, I’ve seen a series of comments saying we atheists should just get over all this “God” and “higher power” stuff.… Read more »

“When I went to AA, there was too much religion in AA.”

by | February 3, 2018

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Roger C. is the Founder of AA Agnostica. I did not know about it, so I decided out to fill in my ignorance. Here we talk about his life, AA, the 12 steps, God, and the foundation of AA Agnostica. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is your personal background? Roger C.: I grew… Read more »