Interview with Administrator of “Ex-Muslims India”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Here we talk with the Administrator of “Ex-Muslims India.” Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was early life like for you, e.g., geography, culture, language, religion or lack thereof, education, and family structure and dynamics? Administrator “Ex-Muslims India”:  I was born in a traditional Indian Muslim family. My grandparents … Continue reading

Interview with Administrator of “Gay Ex Muslim”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Here we talk with the Administrator of “Gay Ex Muslim.” Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the more well-known difficulties of homosexuals within some Islamic communities and countries? Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Check out our post in relation to that: Telling Your Pakistani Mom That You’re Gay … Continue reading

Interview with John Seager – President, Population Connection

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen John Seager is the President of Population Connection. Here we talk about his life, work, and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: To provide a brief background, anything personal or familial not reachable through a Google search about you? Perhaps, something relevant to the pro-choice advocacy and work now. … Continue reading

Interview with Courtney of “The Free Speech Podcast”

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Courtney is the Host of “The Free Speech Podcast.” Here we talk about her life, work on the podcast, and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Just to give an idea to the audience here, what is some relevant background from early life into the present? Courtney: I grew … Continue reading

Ask Annie Laurie 1 – Secular Women

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Annie Laurie Gaylor is the Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) with Dan Barker. She has been part of the fight against the encroachment of religion on secular culture, and human and women’s rights for decades. Here we talk about secular women. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: … Continue reading

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