Udo Schuklenk: Recommended Reading

In the first line of one of his My Secret Atheist Blog posts, Sean McGuire says, It would appear that we’re approaching a time when nothing will get done in our country unless we run it past religious folk for their permission first. So it should come as no surprise … Continue reading

Canadian Apatheist

As defined in Wikipedia, “Apatheism, also known as pragmatic atheism or practical atheism, is acting with apathy, disregard, or lack of interest towards belief or disbelief in a deity.” In Chris Silvers’ academic work on atheism, this falls under the non-theist type, which is one of six sub-types that he describes. … Continue reading

Physicians and the Ontario Human Rights Code

UPDATE:  If the highlighted link at “Complete a brief online survey concerning the current policy” results in the message “Thanks for completing this survey,” it’s because I already completed the survey. Go to http://policyconsult.cpso.on.ca/?page_id=3403 to access the survey. This year, physicians in Ottawa and Calgary have been in the news … Continue reading

Calgary doctor refuses to prescribe birth control pill

“If kids happen or someone is planning on children, there are ways of dealing with it and getting through it. It is all worth it.” That’s what Calgary doctor Chantal Barry of Westglen Medical Centre stated in a 2010 U of A profile. She also cited God as one of … Continue reading

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