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Unoriginal sin hashtag getoffmylawn

by | November 17, 2014

A while ago… last april?… so uh… 7 months ago, I wrote a post about Melody Hensley from CFI DC and her claim that harrassment caused her PTSD…. and how that claim caused her to be harassed on twitter. Well… CFI has leaped into action to defend her… as they should… once their seemingly generous… Read more »

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Twitter Swarming

by | April 16, 2014

I got sick this week, some nasty little flu virus, I’m sure. But I’m getting better. Pray for me. Unfortunately the secular community is less healthy, or maybe, just no more/less healthy, than any other group. The most recent trauma is an argument over PTSD… no seriously… irony much? Melody Hensley of CFI DC says… Read more »

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