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“Faith Under Attack in Canada?”

by | April 3, 2015

The full title of the April 1, Christian Today article is “Faith Under Attack in Canada? Religious Leaders Think So.” So there you have it: asked and answered. However, it seems that only one religious leader, (with testimony from a lawyer, André Schutten: “bought & owned by Christ”) answered the question: Charles McVety. That’s typical… Read more »

McGill University Supports Secular Values and Nixes Request for Separate Gym Hours

by | March 21, 2015

You may be aware that recently Soumia Allalou, a 23-year-old McGill University Law student, approached her student union concerning the university’s gym. Ms. Allalou was shocked to learn that there were no plans to institute women only hours at the gym and wanted this to change. According to the CBC, Allalou cited religious reasons for… Read more »

Diversity in Canadian atheist conferences

by | February 18, 2015

A few weeks ago, Christopher Hassall and Ian Bushfield published “Increasing Diversity in Emerging Non-religious Communities” – perhaps the first peer-reviewed study of diversity within the atheist community. By looking at the speakers at 48 atheist and skeptic conferences between 2003 and 2014 and noting the proportion of speakers that were male and white compared… Read more »

Study on diversity in the atheist movement shows we have a ways to go, but are making progress

by | December 15, 2014

The defining feature of the atheist movement over the last two or three years may be its focus on issues of diversity, privilege, and social equality within the movement itself. The discussion hasn’t always been pretty; indeed, even mentioning the issues will often draw eye rolls or outright ire. Thus far, most of the discussion… Read more »

Legal Discrimination in Ontario?

by | October 5, 2014

  St. John Catholic Elementary School in Peterborough, Ontario uses an outdoor sign to signal the emphasis it puts on education: Faith: Through Words and Action This blatant flaunting of religious privilege wouldn’t be quite so irritating if St. John Catholic Elementary School were not a publicly funded Ontario school.  Faith is not one of… Read more »

Those who must not speak

by | March 17, 2014

I posted the other day linking to Rationally Speaking. The knives have come out. Predictably, my recent post on some remarks made by American Atheists President David Silverman has generated a firestorm on blogs and twitter, even though I thought the opinions expressed therein are actually quite mild. It’s funny, I get the whole privilege… Read more »