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With widespread burqini bans, French laïcité may have finally jumped the shark

by | August 20, 2016

Quick question, Canadian islamophobes: If I told you that a government was enforcing a dress code for women (and women only) for the sake of “respecting good morals”, because if women wear what they please it might “draw a crowd and disrupt public order”, and thus the government was enacting this legislation to “protect those… Read more »

Indi’s MLQ v Saguenay review: The story behind the story

by | April 22, 2016

Before discussing the technicalities of Mouvement laïque québécois v Saguenay (City), I think it is important to know where it came from. Understanding its genesis will not only help frame the discussion of the judgment and its implications, it’s an interesting story in its own right about a fellow unbeliever standing up for our rights.

Keep The Angels Busy

by | November 17, 2015

Until They Change themselves – One Day Mini-Conference at Islamic Centre of Clarington 31 December 2013 Guest Speakers: Abu Usamah Attahabi – Imam of Green Lane Masjid | Birmingham, U.K. Shazim Khan – Imam of Masjid Al Salaam | Peterborough, Canada AbuMaryum Mamoun Hassan – Imam of Masjid Al Ameen | Clarington, Canada 1:03:41 –… Read more »

What is wrong with Canadian atheists’ priorities?

by | November 17, 2015

On Saturday, sometime before 11 PM, someone set fire to the only mosque in Peterborough. No one was hurt, thankfully, and while the damage was considerable inside, the Masjid Al-Salaam building itself survived. A neighbour noticed the flames and alerted fire services, who managed to quickly confine the flames to the main floor. In the… Read more »

This is not an unbelievers’ world – 2014 edition

by | December 22, 2014

Last year, when I was writing about the 2013 Freedom of Thought report, my plan was to do a thorough analysis of the data in the report. That didn’t happen, mostly because Canadian Atheist was shut down by hackers at the time. It got better, but for various reasons I never did get around to… Read more »

The 2014 Freedom of Thought report

by | December 10, 2014

Today (10 December, 2014) is Human Rights Day. It’s starting to become a tradition every year that on this day the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU releases their Freedom of Thought report – which is becoming one of the most comprehensive reports about discrimination against nonbelievers. In the coming weeks I will be diving… Read more »