On Tanzanian Youth and Fundamentalist Religion with Nsajigwa I Mwasokwa (Nsajigwa Nsa’sam): Founder, Jicho Jipya/Think Anew Tanzania

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Nsajigwa I Mwasokwa (Nsajigwa Nsa’sam) founded Jichojipya (meaning with new eye) to “Think Anew”. We have talked before about freethought in Tanzania. Here we continue the discussion, other conversations here, here. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I want to talk about the youth. How are they doing regarding religion? Is it an … Continue reading

Answers on Living Without Religion in Tanzania: Chat with Nsajigwa I Mwasokwa (Nsajigwa Nsa’sam) – Founder, Jicho Jipya/Think Anew Tanzania

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So, you’re out in Tanzania. That is far removed from the normal life of Canadians. What is something that those in Canada are almost certainly not likely to know about atheism in Tanzania but they should? Nsajigwa I Mwasokwa (Nsajigwa Nsa’sam): Thank you I am Mr. Nsajigwa, … Continue reading

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