This Week in Religion 2017–09–17

Scott Douglas Jacobsen “Late in the NDP leadership race, fault lines are emerging in the NDP caucus over what Quebecers are looking for in their federal leader.

“Among Nonbelievers”: The Video

The video “Among Nonbelievers” is available through the Dutch Humanist Association (Humanistisch Verbond): the organization that unites humanists, including free thinkers, atheists, agnostics and secularists. The Dutch Humanist Association dedicates itself to spreading humanist ideas and inspiring people to actively develop their humanist view of life and to promote a … Continue reading

“Muslims Who Don’t Like Free Speech Can ‘Fuck Off’: Rotterdam Mayor”

I wish I had said “Muslims Who Don’t Like Free Speech Can ‘Fuck Off,’” but Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said it first. The NL Times reports, Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb appeared on television programme Nieuwsuur Wednesday night, and lashed out at Muslims living in this society despite their hatred of … Continue reading

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