Sean McGuire @Humanism at Work

Sean McGuire, a.k.a. Godless Poutine, who blogs at My Secret Atheist Blog is attending Humanism at Work, Foundation Beyond Belief’s first annual national conference. He is very busy listening to presentations and taking and posting pictures, but he promises, “More Substance Coming Soon! For Now, Moar Pictures!“: “Friendly Atheist Hemant … Continue reading

Sean McGuire “proud to be a Quebecker”

Update from Sean McGuire: House of Commons MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault (NDP/Sherbrooke) has publicly come out in support of Amnesty International’s efforts to free Badawi and his office has even contacted Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s office to express these views. ——————————————— Sean McGuire, who lives in Quebec, is proud to … Continue reading

Recommended Reading

Sean McGuire’s latest post “Canadian Senator Declares War On Scientology’s Tax Exempt Status” is recommended reading: Scientology has been having a bit of a hard time here in Quebec lately. A couple of years ago, their Narconon center got shut down by the government because of discovered patient abuse – … Continue reading

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