An Atheist and “The Public God”

Guest post by Spencer Lucas Spencer Lucas was in the audience for the taping of CBC’s Radio One The Sunday Edition show “The Public God – A Forum on the Role of Religion in Public Policy.” Michael Enright, of CBC radio’s Sunday Edition, hosted a talk called “The Public God,” … Continue reading

“The Public God”?

One is tempted to suspect that Michael Enright and CBC Radio One got their most recent topic for the The Sunday Edition from the Canadian Secular Alliance. On March 26, the Canadian Secular Alliance, always interested in listening to opposing views, hosted an event entitled “Religion & Prayer in Canadian … Continue reading

There is No Shame in Discussing Religion Publicly

Religion or lack thereof, is a personal matter. At least that was the sentiment many of my fellow Canadians expressed in the comments section of a recent CBC article about a billboard company’s refusal to display CFI’s rather tame message about being good without God. One Christian commenter, who accepts … Continue reading

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