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Weekly Update: 26-Mar-2022 to 1-Apr-2022

by | April 2, 2022

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 26-Mar-2022 to 1-Apr-2022.

Weekly Update: to

by | January 5, 2019

Here’s the first Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 2019, covering 22-Dec-2018 to 4-Jan-2019.

Under the veil of Lev Tahor, Jewish sect accused of abuse | Globalnews.ca

by | February 21, 2014

Global’s 16X9 will be airing an episode about the Lev Tahor sect that I posted about earlier. There is more information at the link to under the veil of Lev Tahor, Jewish sect accused of abuse and the episode will air Saturday at 7pm.  I’ve had people ask, how do you deal with an outrageous group like this… Read more »

Culture or Religion?

by | February 8, 2014

I’ve occasionally experienced a subtle tactic my fellow Canadians use to invalidate the seriousness of many religious observances and practices. When I identify the more pernicious aspects of religion, I’m often waved off and told that the identified practice is not religious, but cultural. I’m told that the Islamic insistence that women cover their entire self… Read more »

Religion Does Not Get a Pass: The Lev Tahor Case in Chatham

by | February 3, 2014

An Ontario judge has ruled that thirteen Lev Tahor (a Haredi sect) children are to be surrendered to Quebec child welfare authorities pending a 30-day appeal. You may recall that the entire Lev Tahor community of 200 people (half of them children) moved from Quebec to Chatham after investigations from Quebec child-protection officials found that… Read more »