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Short Chat with Professor Laurence A. Moran

by | September 2, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the better tools to fight creationism? Professor Laurence A. Moran: Education. Jacobsen: What have you found to be the shortest arguments to counter creationist, especially young earth creationist, propaganda? Moran: There are no gods. Jacobsen: What is the current initiative of the creationist movement in Canada and United States to further their Biblical agenda?… Read more »

Society and Culture Lecture

by | January 15, 2016

Update: The dialogue between Larry Moran and Denis Alexander, “Is There a Conflict Between Science and Religion?” will be live streamed on YouTube at 7:00 PM ET, tomorrow, January 29. Wycliffe College invites you to its Society and Culture Lecture: A dialogue on Science and Religion.   Larry Moran, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at… Read more »

“Light My Fire”

by | June 6, 2015

Ever since I received the June 5 reminder about the “the opportunity to hear Jerry Coyne discuss his new book Faith vs. FACT: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible,” the song “Light My Fire” has been running through my head: https://youtu.be/9iSXrZYhJt4 The organizers of the Jerry Coyne Event are appealing to Canada’s baby boomers when… Read more »