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Ask Professor Burge 5 – The Trump Administration, Atheists and Jewish Peoples, and Sexual Partners

by | September 22, 2020

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Professor Ryan Burge‘s website states: “I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science as well as the Graduate Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University. I teach in a variety of areas, including American institutions, political behavior, and research methods. My research focuses largely on the intersection between religiosity and political behavior (especially… Read more »

Interview with Jamie Ireland of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

by | November 7, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Jamie Ireland is a member of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations. Here we talk about humanistic, secular Judaism. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is family background, e.g., geography, culture, language, and religion or lack thereof? Jamie Ireland: I grew up in California, we speak English, Secular Humanistic Judaism. Jacobsen: Following from the… Read more »

Interview with Terry Waslow – Executive Director, Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

by | November 1, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen “Terry Waslow was raised in a secular Jewish home. She became an active participant in the Jewish secular community in the mid-1990s when she enrolled her children in the Jewish Children’s Folkshul. She began attending the annual CSJO conferences in 2000 and has attended regularly since. Terry was a board member of… Read more »

Canadian and American Jewish Identity

by | May 20, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Religion News Service reported on some surveys in the recent past about demographic and statistical facts about the Canadian Jewish population. The author of the article joked about “Canadaphilia” or a “longing to be a Canadian… or, to be even more precise, a longing for the way that Canadians practice Judaism.”… Read more »