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Jehovah’s Witnesses is a nontrinitarian, restorationist, millenarian Christian denomination, known for their door-to-door evangelism, literature distribution, disdain of “worldly” government, and cult-like behaviours.

Interview with Simon Nielsen Ørregaard – Chairman, The Atheistic Society of Denmark

by | December 15, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Simon Nielsen Ørregaard is the Chairman of the Atheist Society. Here we talk about his background, work, views, and more. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Naturally, let’s start on the foundation of family for yourself. What is family geography, culture, language, and religion or lack thereof? Simon Nielsen Ørregaard: Well, my family is… Read more »

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2019 Canadian Atheist Awards – Story of the year

by | January 29, 2019

The next award in the 2018 Canadian Atheist Awards is “Story of the year”. This award is for the news or cultural story that captured the most interest or had the most impact among Canadian atheists in 2017.

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Street Epistemology: Watchtower not inspired by God

by | July 23, 2018

Had a great experience with a Jehovah’s Witness at the my front door on Sunday. Was a golden opportunity because the guy was alone, and young (in his 20’s). I could not believe my luck. If it is a couple of elderly people, I usually just smile and nod and send them on their way. But… Read more »

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