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Interview with Amy McGrath of Humanists Meath

by | November 27, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Amy McGrath is part of Humanists Meath. It is one of the innumerable small, informal, community-oriented, and important humanist groups found throughout the world dependent on the base principles of humanists in addition to the local culture. Here we talk about Humanists Meath within the context of the Humanist Association of Ireland.… Read more »

Conversation with A.M. – Ex-Muslim and Blogger, Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland)

by | September 12, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: As a law graduate from Pakistan, what was your experience there? A.M.: What I observed in Pakistan became the main reason for my conversion or the start of rebellion though it was a gradual and long process. Ultimately, it ended up in me becoming an ex-Muslim.

Interview with Kareem Muhssin – Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland)

by | September 8, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the state of irreligion in Ireland now? Kareem Muhssin: Well, the influence of the Catholic Church has waned rapidly in recent decades. Lifting the ban on contraception in 1980, legalising divorce in 1996 (despite Mother Teresa’s best efforts), legislating for same-sex marriage in 2015 – none of these would be… Read more »