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I was interviewed: What Have I Been Putting People Through All These Years?

by | January 25, 2024

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The interviewer and the hosts were wonderful. No complaints. I’m just being silly. For years, though, I took to never doing interviews. I allowed one interview of two questions with the founder of The Realist, Paul Krassner, who is no longer here (dead). He published that for, maybe, 50 years or something insane.… Read more »

Extensive Interview with Rev. Dr. David Breeden – Senior Minister, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

by | November 25, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Rev. David Breeden took some time for an extensive interview on the work and theological orientations, and social work, and the community life, of the Unitarian Universalists with a particular emphasis on the Unitarian Universalist community in Minneapolis. Breeden is a Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. Here,… Read more »

Interview with James A. Haught: UnitedCoR’s new Writer-in-Residence

by | November 24, 2019

— By Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator (UnitedCoR) (United Coalition of Reason – 8/23/17) James A. Haught was born on Feb. 20, 1932, in a small West Virginia farm town that had no electricity or paved streets. He graduated from a rural high school with 13 students in the senior class. He came to Charleston, worked as a… Read more »