CFI Ottawa confronts hate at Ottawa Pride 2015

I’ve been asked why CFI Ottawa would want to walk at Pride? After all I was told, “GLBT aren’t being oppressed here in Canada as they once were”. “Why do GLBT want to have a party about being queer?” “I’m straight so it would not be right for me to … Continue reading

Can anyone explain why countries have diplomatic relationships with the Vatican?

So the pope has “failed to confirm” France’s choice of ambassador to the Vatican. Laurent Stefanini,  who is openly gay, was nominated by the French government on January 5th.   The reasonable assumption is that, since three months have passed since the ambassador’s nomination, he has been deemed unacceptable for the … Continue reading

James Lunney: Again and Again and Again

Over the past week, James Lunney, Conservative Member of Parliament for Nanaimo – Alberni, has been in the news and has been discussed on blogs inside and outside Canada. Sean McGuire calls Lunney an “Anti-Evolution, Climate Change Denying, Anti-Vax MP,” and Larry Moran says, “Poor James Lunney resigns from the … Continue reading

“You Know the Story”

In today’s post on The Inside Agenda Blog, Steve Paikin asks, “Would the Ontario Government Ever Consider De-Funding the Catholic School System?” Paikin begins his article by providing some familiar background about public funding of Catholic schools in Ontario: You know the story. Nearly 150 years ago, the Fathers of … Continue reading

Ontario’s Eden

While it’s not a secret that along with funding Ontario’s public, but separate, Catholic schools, Ontario taxpayers are funding a religious high school nestled within the District School Board of Niagara, it’s not widely known. Eden High School is a publicly funded secondary school that operates as an alternative secondary … Continue reading

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