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Health Canada and the Hijab

by | March 18, 2016

Waleed Al-Husseini posted this photo on his Facebook page on March 10 and commented Voici le genre de publicité que le ministère de la santé canadien produit . . . (Here is the kind of advertising that the Ministry of Health Canada produces. . . .) Today Atheist Freethinkers initiated a press release entitled “AFT… Read more »

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This is part of Islam, this not something we make up

by | November 18, 2015

A tip of the hat to Shazim Khan – Imam of Masjid Al Salaam, Peterborough and Islamic Centre of Clarington for nudging the muse. Mr. Khan has previously established himself as somewhat of an expert in family matters at the Until They Change Themselves – One Day Mini-Conference at Islamic Centre of Clarington. Further investigation reveals… Read more »

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Culture or Religion?

by | February 8, 2014

I’ve occasionally experienced a subtle tactic my fellow Canadians use to invalidate the seriousness of many religious observances and practices. When I identify the more pernicious aspects of religion, I’m often waved off and told that the identified practice is not religious, but cultural. I’m told that the Islamic insistence that women cover their entire self… Read more »

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