Press Release: “AFT Denounces Draft Bill 59”

Update September 8 @6:05 PM EDT Sean McGuire, who thinks “Quebec’s Proposed Anti-Hate Speech Bill Is Cause For Concern” has posted on the bill again. This time to announce, “Richard Dawkins Weighs In Against Quebec ‘Anti-Hate’ Bill-59” In a tweet, Dawkins says, Quebec Blasphemy Law. As ignominious as “useful idiots” … Continue reading

RPL Reacts to Quebec’s Neutrality Bill

On June 10th, the Quebec government tabled Bill 62: “An Act to foster adherence to state religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework for religious accommodation requests in certain bodies” (commonly called the neutrality bill) and Bill 59: “An Act to enact the Act to prevent and combat hate … Continue reading

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