The Existential Risks and Trauma of Leaving a Cult

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott is the Founder of Skeptic Meditations. He speaks from experience in entering and leaving an ashram. Here we talk about existential risks for an individual leaving a cult, views of the world only knowing the cult, leaving psychologically and physically from the cult, places for … Continue reading

Alain Sayson Presillas on Humanism in the Philippines

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you come to find the humanist movement in the Philippines? Alain Sayson Presillas: I only found out about humanism online. By joining atheist groups and eventually leading me to the humanist movement. Jacobsen: What have been some of the major obstacles in personal … Continue reading

This Week in Religion 2018-04-22

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  “Quiz any atheist on campus about the origin of the phrase, “separation of Church and State.” Do it! Will they tell you that it does not in fact appear anywhere in the Constitution? Perhaps. There are some intelligent students in the Secular Student Alliance. Here is one question that … Continue reading

Suzanna Mason on the Anglican Faith, Politics, and Natural Philosophy

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The Anglican Faith Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the modern Anglican faith? What does it mean to you? Suzanna Mason: The origins of Anglicanism start with a Catholic named Henry VIII, who was the King of England. He was famous for having lots and lots of wives. He … Continue reading

Interview with Dina Holford on Being an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you grow up with religion? Was it central or peripheral to your life? Dina Holford: My mother was baptized as one of Jehovah’s witnesses whilst heavily pregnant with me. She had been a regular recreational drug taker until she had a knock at … Continue reading

Adeyemi Ademowo Johnson on Freethought in Nigeria

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: As an associate professor and affiliate faculty in multiple departments, what is the situation for free thought in Nigeria? Adeyemi Ademowo Johnson: Freethought is still unpopular in Nigeria; although there are so many youngsters who doubt their beliefs, they have not muster sufficient courage to … Continue reading

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