An Interview with Kwaku Adusei Founder – The Common Sense Foundation

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen *This interview edited for clarity and readability.* Scott Jacobsen: How did you first find and become involved in Humanism? What makes it more or less true to you as a worldview? Kwaku Adusei: It has been a long time. Somewhere in 1999, I was interested in the Bible. I … Continue reading

Interview with Roslyn Mould: President of the Humanist Association of Ghana; Chair of the African working group (IHEYO)

You grew up as a Catholic. You went to Holy Child School, Cape Coast as well. What is your story as a youth growing up in a religious household? What was the experience? I attended Catholic schools, St. Theresa’s School in Accra from primary, junior high school and in Holy … Continue reading

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