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Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 10-Mar-2018 to 16-Mar-2018.

International Women’s Day in Canada

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Canada seems poised for a proper celebratory day, today March 8, for International Women’s Day. Of course, this allies with two other days: Women’s Equality Day, and Women’s History Month. These mark important celebrations for women throughout the world with a recognized day. Canada remains an important proponent … Continue reading

Interview with Gauri Hopkins on Cult Upbringing and Contemporary Feminism

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was early living like for you? In other words, what was the geographic, familial, cultural, and religious life for you? Gauri Hopkins: My parents joined a religious cult when they were teenagers. My father is from Wales and my mother from Mauritius. Both … Continue reading

Shaykh Uthman Khan on Ayesha and Fatima

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Shaykh Uthman Khan completed his ʻĀlimiyyah degree from Madrasah Taleemul Islam from the United Kingdom. He received a traditional Master’s Degree in Arabic and Islamic Sciences and Specialized in traditionalism and the traditional sciences. He also received an Academic Master’s Degree from the Hartford Seminary in Muslim and … Continue reading

An Overview of Women’s Rights of the Philippines

  By Danielle Erika Hill and Scott Douglas Jacobsen Humanism, as an ethical and philosophical worldview, provides the basis for proper action in the world with an emphasis on this world, the natural world. There is a phrase, “deed before creed,” that speaks volumes to the emphasis of humanism. Principles are nice; rights … Continue reading

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