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On This Day . . .

by | July 14, 2015

Early this morning, EDT, Norm Kelly, City of Toronto Councillor, sent out this tweet: On this day in 1976, the House of Commons passed Bill C-84 which abolished the death penalty in Canada. The last execution in Canada took place on December 11, 1962 at the Don Jail in Toronto. h/t: Ian Bushfield

Chevalier de la Barre Day

by | July 1, 2015

Today most Canadians will be observing Canada Day. But July 1st is the anniversary of a tragic story in freethought history. Chevalier de la Barre Day is mostly observed by French freethinkers, but I think it’s a day we all need to remember, especially in a country that still has a blasphemy law on the… Read more »