Prostitution: Men’s Entitlement and Accountability

By Eric Adriaans Recently, there has been some debate among several well-known opinion-holders…namely Heather Mallick, Jackson Doughart, and Veronica Abbass … all on the subject of a recent prostitution bill. In their public dialogue, it seems to me that some people are talking past one another. Prostitution is a complex … Continue reading

Living Without Religion – Overcoming Isolation

Today, Eric Adriaans, CFI Canada’s National Executive Director, announced that CFI Canada is trialling a launch of Living Without Religion (LWR) via Skype: Living Without Religion is a support-group program offered for people who are working through the challenges related to leaving an organized religion. The program is facilitated by … Continue reading

Announcing CFI Canada’s New NED

Fellow freethinkers: Concluding an intensive selection process, the Board of Directors of CFI Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Adriaans as its National Executive Director (NED). Adriaans joins CFI Canada from a progressive 22-year charitable sector career with many recognized and respected Canadian charitable agencies. Most recently, … Continue reading

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