Discussing God’s Politics

The second Chesterton Debate entitled “God’s Politics: A Debate on Religion’s Role in Public Life” lived up to its promise to “provide a forum for respectful and substantive discussion of contentious issues relevant in today’s world.” Leslie Rosenblood, founding member and policy adviser for Canadian Secular Alliance, and Iain Benson, … Continue reading

“God’s Politics?”

The second Chesterton Debate is entitled “God’s Politics? A Debate on Religion’s Role in Political Life.” The series website’s “About” section maintains   The Chesterton Debate Series, inspired by the notable English luminary G.K. Chesterton, is an initiative of the Office of Catholic Youth in partnership with the Archdiocese of … Continue reading

God and Cosmology Debate Between Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig

Physicist Sean Carroll will be debating William Lane Craig tonight at 8pm EST, 5pm PST. The event is live streamed via this link on the topic of God and cosmology. If you’ve followed atheist/theist debates, you’ll know that William Lane Craig is a very good debater but Sean Carroll is no slouch … Continue reading

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