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Ever since the odious terrorist attack against the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo on January 7th 2015, we have been told repeatedly that the cartoons published in that magazine are offensive, vulgar, provocative, etc. Is that really the case? David Rand Atheist Freethinkers’ new site Atheology features David Rands blog … Continue reading

International Association of Free Thought

The International Association of Free Thought (IAFT) held its IVth congress in London, England on August 11th. David Rand. president of Atheist Freethinkers (AFT) and IAFT spokesperson has posted a brief report on the AFT website. Rand’s report focuses on the efforts of Christianity, in particular Roman Catholicism, to undermine … Continue reading

Secularism Delayed

It has been a while since the Charter of Quebec Values has been discussed on these pages. Each post on the topic prompted a flurry of comments for and against the “Charter.” David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers, opens the discussion again with an article, “Secularism Delayed,” posted on the Atheist … Continue reading

The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!

“The Charter is Dead. Long Live the Charter!” is the title of  David Rand’s latest article on the Atheist Freethinkers website. The first part of the title makes it clear With the crushing defeat of the PQ in the recent elections, the secular Charter proposed by the outgoing government is … Continue reading

Aspects of Anti-Charter Propaganda

In the Atheist Freethinkers’ Blog # 42, David Rand, addresses some aspects of the anti-Charter propaganda: In the discourse, or rather the propaganda, of those who oppose the new Quebec Charter of secularism as proposed by Bill 60, a number of recurring themes can be identified. Here are a few of … Continue reading

Hearings on Bill 60: The Quebec Charter

On Thursday, February 13th 2014, David Rand and Jacques Savard, representatives of the association Atheist Freethinkers appeared before public hearings of the Commission des institutions of the Quebec National Assembly, on the subject of draft Bill 60 entitled “Charter affirming the values of secularism and religious neutrality of the state … Continue reading

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