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February 12: International Darwin Day

by | February 12, 2015

Charles Darwin was born on on 12 February 1809.  Let’s celebrate Darwin Day by taking the International Darwin Day website’s suggestions for a fitting way to celebrate the 206th anniversary of Darwin’s birth: Let’s Celebrate Intellectual Bravery Let’s Celebrate Perpetual Curiosity Let’s Celebrate Hunger for Truth. Ah yes, let’s celebrate all three!      

Letter to Charles Darwin

by | February 12, 2014

Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday. Five years ago, on Darwin’s 200th birthday Jerry Coyne wrote Darwin a letter. The New Republic has published Coyne’s letter because “It’s Darwin’s 205th Birthday, and People Still Don’t Accept Evolution : A Letter to the Man Behind the Theory.” You can read the whole letter at the New Republic,… Read more »

Happy Darwin Day!

by | February 12, 2014

From CFI Canada,   and from the Canadian Mint,   While Darwin’s tree of life doesn’t have roots, this coin, an original design by celebrated Quebec actor and singer Caroline Néron, [to celebrate] nature, the beauty of a Canadian winter and the poetic beauty of life on Earth [is evocative of the sketch] employed by… Read more »