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DiCarlo Vs Lennox

by | July 13, 2015

Some time ago, Conrad Black ruffled a few atheist feathers with an insulting little article in the National Post.  He made a big deal about interviewing John Lennox in his article and you can find parts of that interview by following the link of “Is Christianity in Decline” post by Veronica Abbass here on Canadian… Read more »

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“Is Christianity in Decline?”

by | July 7, 2015

If it weren’t for the fact that Dr. Christopher Di Carlo was a guest on Zoomer Television’s June 15th roundtable discussion of the question “Is Christianity in Decline?” I would not have watched the video. Conrad Black and Faith Goldy hosted the discussion which featured, according to Conrad Black, “a table full of religious leaders… Read more »

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Dr. Christopher Di Carlo on The Zoomer

by | April 8, 2015

When a producer at The Zoomer contacted CFI Canada about participating in a show taping co-hosted by Conrad Black and Libby Znaimer, the answer had to be “yes”.   How could we not !? Now, we have some final details and I’m very glad that Dr. Christopher Di Carlo has agreed to participate as an Expert Advisor of… Read more »

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Conrad Black Apologizes – Sort Of

by | March 28, 2015

Conrad Black has written a follow up to his atheist bashing article published last Saturday in the National Post. In “A Reply to My Atheist Critics — They Protest Too Much,” Black, who claims to have “been more severely and lengthily defamed than anyone in Canada since Louis Riel”! offers an apology to, wait for… Read more »

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