Center for Inquiry US Does It Again

Soon after Jorge Mario Bergoglio became head of the Roman Catholic Church and changed his name to Pope Francis, Center for Inquiry US released a statement entitled “Secularist Group Pessimistic for Church Modernization Under Pope Francis” “As with anyone taking on a position of substantial responsibility, in which decisions can … Continue reading

Avijit Roy

Guest post by Pat O’Brien In a scene from the long running television series, The West Wing, fictional US president Josiah Bartlet asks one of his advisors: “Why do we value the life of an American over another?” The response: “I don’t know why, but we do.” That is a … Continue reading

“Join Us in a Demand for Justice”

Canadian Atheist joins Center for Inquiry US and Centre For Inquiry Canada to share a statement from Rafida Bonya Ahmed, the wife of freethought writer Avijit Roy. Center for Inquiry US explains, Rafida Bonya Ahmed was viciously attacked in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Islamic extremists wielding machetes as she and her husband, … Continue reading

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