Carolyn Hyppolite: “Setting The Captives Free”

Spencer Lucas, the organizer of the Non-Conference held in Kitchener, Ontario in August, sent a link of the NicolSD/AtheismTV video of Caroline Hyppolite’s talk at the Non-Con to conference attendees. In his email, Lucas says, Carolyn’s speech was extremely well received, some saying it was the best of the conference. … Continue reading

“Carolyn Hyppolite – When to Engage About Religion”

In MSA Podcast #6, Sean McGuire and Carolyn Hyppolite discuss the topic of her speech at the recent Non Conference in Kitchener, Ontario. [They] talk about how she never really had her faith challenged by any atheists when she was Christian and sort of wishes she did. [They] talk about … Continue reading

Still Small Voices: Book Release Hosted by CFI Canada

CFI Canada is hosting a book release of Carolyn Hyppolite’s Still Small Voices: The Testimony of a Born-Again Atheist. The most difficult tribulation in one’s life can be letting go of God. For Carolyn Hyppolite the struggle with God’s whims has ended. The most difficult tribulation in one’s life can … Continue reading

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