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Ken Ham’s Fake Noah’s Ark

by | March 1, 2014

The main reason I was wary about the Bill Nye debate vs. Ken Ham was not that Nye would lose and look foolish, but that the proceeds for the event would land right into Ken Ham’s coffers to further his program of teaching lies to children (aside: this video of Ham indoctrinating an auditorium of children… Read more »

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Don Prothero Exposes Ham’s “Observational” vs. “Historical” Science for What It Is: Pure bunk!

by | February 28, 2014

You may recall that Don Prothero, the prominent American paleontologist, geologist, and author of great books like Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters coached Bill Nye in his debate vs. Ken Ham. In an earlier post, I referenced his behind-the-scenes perspective. Now Prothero addresses that annoying bit of vocabulary we heard Ham use over and… Read more »

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Don Prothero, as Nye’s Coach, Provides His Take on the Nye vs. Ham Debate

by | February 12, 2014

As to be expected from Donald Prothero, prominent American paleontologist, geologist, and author of great books like Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters, he provides a well written and interesting article about what happened behind the scenes, coaching Bill Nye in preparation for his debate with Ken Ham. He also provides his… Read more »

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There are stupid questions

by | February 8, 2014

I haven’t watched the Ham with cheese on Nye debate yet – it’s a pretty low priority on my list of things to do – but there’s a Buzzfeed post by Matt Stropera that’s gone viral showing creationists holding up questions for the other side (Stropera’s term, not mine).

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Post Nye vs. Ham Post Debate Analysis

by | February 5, 2014

If you missed the Nye vs. Ham debate and want to see it, you can view it here. If you’d like an analysis of the debate, Jerry Coyne has a nice write up on Why Evolution is True (WEIT) called Who won the big evolution/creation debate? The consensus is Nye won & I wholeheartedly agree.… Read more »

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Live Stream of Nye & Ham Debate

by | February 4, 2014

If you can stomach it, Bill Nye is debating Ken Ham tonight & it is currently being streamed live on YouTube. You’ll recall that Australians have already apologized for Ken Ham. Amusingly, Ham has already stated that secularists have hijacked the word, “science”. Good grief!

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